What is STD code ?

STD Code

An STD code, short for Subscriber Trunk Dialing code, is a numerical prefix used for dialing telephone numbers within a specific geographic area or city within a country. It allows you to connect with landline phone numbers in different cities or regions without needing to dial the full international calling prefix.

How Do STD Codes Work?

When dialing a number within the same country but in a different city or region, you usually follow this format:

  1. Zero (0): Typically, you start with a zero to indicate a domestic long-distance call.
  2. STD Code: Enter the specific STD code of the city or region you're calling.
  3. Local Phone Number: Dial the actual phone number of the person or business you wish to reach.

Example: To call a number in Mumbai, India (STD code 022), with the local number 12345678, you would dial: 022-12345678

Why Are STD Codes Important?

  • Domestic Connectivity: STD codes enable easy communication within a country, facilitating business, personal calls, and other interactions.
  • Numbering System: They are a key part of a country's telephone numbering plan, organizing and classifying phone numbers.
  • Routing: STD codes guide the telephone network to route calls to the correct city or region.

How to Find STD Codes

  • Codes.in: Our website provides a comprehensive list of STD codes for cities and regions in India. Simply search for the area you need.
  • Other Online Directories: Many websites and apps offer STD code search tools.
  • Phone Books: Traditional phone books usually include sections with STD codes for various locations.
  • Local Information: You can also inquire with local phone service providers or directories.

Tips for Using STD Codes

  • Zero Prefix: Remember to include the zero prefix when dialing STD codes from within the country.
  • Mobile Numbers: STD codes are typically used for landline numbers. Mobile numbers often have their own distinct prefixes.
  • Local Dialing: In some cases, you might be able to dial a local number without the STD code if you're within the same area.
  • Long-Distance Charges: Calling numbers with different STD codes may incur long-distance charges. Check with your service provider for details.