What is a PIN Code?

Postal Index Number (PIN) Code | Structure

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What is PIN Code? | What is Postal Index Number?

.A Postal Index Number in India is usually reffered as PIN Code (PIN)

The PIN code system was introduced on 15th August 1972 by India post for easy sorting as India is such a diverse country having different languages used by the public in its vast and to eliminate confusion or incorrectness of addres / destination. To sort the destination address without any language issues, this PIN Code system was by then the additional secretary to the Union Ministry of Communications, Shriram Bhikaji Velankar.

There are 9 postal zones including the functional zone of Indian army. The first digit of the PIN Code represents its unique postal zone

Your Ultimate Guide to PIN Codes

In India, a PIN Code (Postal Index Number) is a six-digit numerical code used by the postal service to efficiently sort and deliver mail. Each PIN code represents a specific geographic region, such as a post office, village, or city area.

Structure of a PIN Code

  • First Digit: Represents the region in India (e.g., North, South, East, West).
  • Second Digit: Represents the sub-region or state within that region.
  • Third Digit: Indicates the sorting district within the state.
  • Last Three Digits: Specify the individual post office delivery area.

Why Are PIN Codes Important?

  • Efficient Mail Delivery: PIN codes ensure that your mail reaches its destination quickly and accurately.
  • Location Identification: They help pinpoint a specific location within India, useful for various services and applications.
  • E-commerce: Many online stores require PIN codes to calculate shipping costs and delivery times.
  • Government Services: Government applications and forms often request PIN codes for address verification.

How to Find Your PIN Code

There are several ways to find the PIN code for a particular address:

  • India Post Website: The official India Post website offers a PIN code search tool.
  • Postal Guide: You can find PIN codes in the official postal guide published by India Post.
  • Post Office: Visit your local post office and inquire about the PIN code for your address.
  • Online Directories: Several online directories provide PIN code search functionality.

Tips for Using PIN Codes

  • Accuracy: Always double-check the PIN code before sending mail or filling out forms.
  • Complete Address: Include the full address along with the PIN code for smooth delivery.
  • Updates: PIN codes may change over time due to reorganization, so verify the latest code if you haven't used it in a while.


A correct PIN code is vital for ensuring your mail and packages reach their destination promptly. If you're unsure of a PIN code, use the resources mentioned above to verify it.